School board chairman steps down after 18 years on board

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 2/3/98.

After 18 and a half years, Larry Fleck, Regal, has resigned from the Paynesville Area School Board.

Succeeding him on the board will be Dean Hanson, Paynesville. Hanson, a former board member, served on the board from 1989 to 1997. Hanson will serve out two years of Fleckís term, until the next election in 1999.

Fleck cited family and business as the reasons for his resignation at this time. ďI have five children and they are all graduates of Paynesville,Ē he said. ďIím finding more and more a shortage of time in my life and something must go.Ē

ďOver the years, I have seen a lot of changes take place in Paynesville. I feel we are as progressive as we have ever been. We have some of the finest administrators on staff, they are the tops,Ē Fleck said.

ďIím glad to see Paynesville finally get Spanish. It is more fun adding programs than to cut them from the curriculum,Ē Fleck added. ďThe building is as functional as it has ever been. The next thing is probably the addition of a weight room and auditorium. There never seems to be enough room to meet the needs of the school.Ē

Fleck said he has tried not to be outspoken on the board and has tried to push the board into different directions. To those attending the board meetings, they have watched Fleck fight for student-teacher contact days and to keep a close reign on the budget. ďI never like to give up student days,Ē he added.

ďOne of the best decisions the district ever made was hiring Howard Caldwell as superintendent when Torbenson retired,Ē Fleck said. ďCaldwell has kept a close eye on the budget and by changing hiring habits (hiring by committee instead of by individuals) we have a fantastic staff.

Prior to the start of Fleckís last board meeting, a delegation of fifth graders representing the elementary school, read a salute to Larry Fleck in recognition of his retirement from the board. Students taking part were: Sean Spooner, Chris Beier, Brittany Lieser, Michelle Monson, Ashley Spanier, Bruce Kohnen, and Kim Hess. The students also presented him with a watch. It was inscribed: ďThank you for many years of service.Ē

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