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Paynesville Press - February 04, 2004

Hospital board reorganizes

By Michael Jacobson

The Paynesville Area Hospital District Board of Directors took the following actions at their meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 28.

*The board reorganized for 2004. They set their meeting time for the fourth Wednesday of each month at 8 p.m. They re-elected officers: Don Thomes, chair; Vickie Ruegemer, vice chair; Carolyn Swyter, treasurer; and Diane Rothstein, clerk. They reappointed their bank of record (Farmers and Merchants State Bank), their newspaper of record (Paynesville Press), their legal counsel (Frauenshuh and Spooner), and their auditing firm (McGladrey & Pullen). They kept their meeting reimbursement at $50 per meeting and raised their mileage reimbursement to 37.5 per mile, the amount allowed by the IRS.

*The board approved committee assignments for 2004:

Buildingand Grounds Dr. Mike Hansen,Sarah Olmscheid, Diane Rothstein, and Kay Spooner

Finance: Don Anderson, Joe Gruenes, Doug Ruhland, and Don Thomes

Joint Management: Anderson, Bob Brauchler, and Thomes

Personnel: Joe Musel, Vickie Ruegemer, Carolyn Swyter, and Thomes

*The board approved a review of CEO Steve Moburg by the personnel committee. The committee rated Moburg as exceeding expectations. The board also approved starting negotiations with Moburg over his compensation for 2004.

*The board approved the following appointments to the medical staff: Leslie Hillman, M.D. (neurosurgery); Howard Zimring, M.D. (cardiology); and Jennifer Dean Dwyer, P.A. (ancillary staff). They also approved Janet Jacobson, P.A., and Robert Sartoris, O.D., for completing their provisional period.

*The board approved the following two-year re-appointments to the medical staff: Active Staff - Robert Gardner, M.D.; Heidi Malling, M.D.; Timothy Malling, M.D.; Allan Solum, M.D.; Lawrence Strate, M.D.; and Julie Youngs, M.D.;
Ancillary Staff - Marlene Shari Heitke, N.P.; Randal Jacklitch, D.C.; Todd Lemke, Pharm.D.; Daniel Lillquist, P.A.; Kyler Meers, M.S.W.; Russell Sauer, C.R.N.A.; and Joseph Stephanie, C.R.N.A.;
and Consulting Staff - Richard Aplin, M.D. (cardiologist); Richard Backes, M.D. (cardiologist); Barbara Bowers, M.D. (oncologist); Bryan Brindley, M.D. (radiologist); Walter Ellis, M.D. (podiatrist); Ralph Fedor, M.D. (radiologist); Jeffrey Gerdes, M.D. (neurologist); Janell Haiwick, M.D. (family practice); Michelle Hanson, M.D. (pathologist); Mark Johnson, M.D. (cardiologist); Andrea Joplin, M.D. (opthamologist); Stephen Kuehne, M.D. (radiologist); John Lacika, M.D. (radiologist); Lisa Lund, M.D. (pathologist); John Mahowald, M.D. (cardiologist); Mark Martone, M.D. (cardiologist); Albert Matthew, M.D. (urologist); Steven Mulawka, M.D. (orthopedic); Tracy Napp, M.D. (radiologist); Joe Nguyen, M.D. (radiologist); Patrick Oakes, M.D. (general surgery); Kimmie Rabe, M.D. (radiologist); Benjamin Rhee, M.D. (radiologist); Timothy Schuchard, M.D. (cardiologist); Marianne Serkland, M.D. (cardiologist); Cindy Firkins-Smith, M.D. (dermatologist); Adam Soliman, M.D. (ENT); Anita Strei, M.D. (family practice); Pradub Sukhum, M.D. (cardiologist); Alan Tims, M.D. (general surgery); Philip VanderStoep, M.D. (radiologist); James Weeks, M.D. (general surgery); and Camelia Whitten, M.D. (radiologist).

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