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Paynesville Press - February 2, 2005

Four races contested in local township elections

By Michael Jacobson

Contested supervisor races exist in Lake Henry Township, in Munson Township, and in Roseville Township for the annual March township elections.

In each township, a supervisor will be elected to a three-year term on Tuesday, March 8, and a treasurer will be elected to a two-year term. Mostly incumbents refiled for their positions, but at least four local seats will be contested this year. (Write-in challenges are also possible in township elections.)

In Lake Henry Township, incumbent supervisor Celestine Fischbach is being challenged again by township resident Gary Olmscheid, who challenged Fischbach three years ago and lost 51-33. Incumbent treasurer Ray Loxtercamp is also being challenged in Lake Henry Township by Ray Nietfeld.

In Munson Township, incumbent Tom Gertken did not re-file. Instead township residents Gerald Gertken and Denis Hemmesch will vie for his seat.

And in Roseville Township, incumbent Mike Flanders is being challenged by township resident Allen Keller. Flanders is standing for election for the first time, being appointed by the board to replace former supervisor Bill Ryan, who resigned last summer.

In Paynesville Township, treasurer Laura Lindeman will also stand for re-election for the first time. She was appointed by the board to replace Sharon Wendroth, who also resigned her position, in December.

For the first time since 1997, the race for supervisor in Paynesville Township may go uncontested. Incumbent Pat Meagher, who has served a three-year term, stands unopposed after the filing period. The last time the supervisor race in Paynesville Township was uncontested was 1997, but in 1999 and 2000 the challenge came through a write-in campaign

. Township filings opened in late December and closed in mid-January. Watch the Press for continuing election coverage before the annual March elections.

Eden Lake Township:
Supervisor: *Conrad Blomker;
Treasurer: *Donald Schlangen;

Irving Township:
Supervisor: *Daniel Olson;
Treasurer: *Howard Powers;

Lake Henry Township:
Supervisor: *Celestine Fischbach and Gary Olmscheid;
Treasurer: *Ray Loxtercamp and Ray Nietfeld;

Manannah Township:
Supervisor: *Harold Kelm;
Treasurer: *Janine Shepersky;

Munson Township:
Supervisor: Gerald Gertken and Denis Hemmesch;
Treasurer: *Dick Behnen;

Paynesville Township:
Supervisor: *Pat Meagher;
Treasurer: *Laura Lindeman;

Roseville Township:
Supervisor: *Mike Flanders and Allen Keller;
Treasurer: *Terry Schaefer;

St. Martin Township:
Supervisor: *John Feldewerd;
Treasurer: *LeRoy Garding;

Union Grove Township:
Supervisor: *Rick Thompson;
Treasurer: *Jeff Johnson;

Zion Township:
Supervisor: *Richard Leyendecker;
Treasurer: *Carol Wegner.

*Denotes incumbent.

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