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Paynesville Press - February 2, 2005

School board names new officers

By Michael Jacobson

The Paynesville Area School Board took the following actions at their meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 25.

*The board re-elected officers for 2005: chair Allen Schmidt, vice chair Deb Glenz, treasurer Tami Stanger, and clerk Gretchen O'Fallon.

*The board approved allowing Mediacom to install live cable feeds in the three school buildings. Under its contract with the city, Mediacom has agreed to provide these live feeds at no charge to the district. Administration will work with the company to determine the locations, which are expected to include the media center at the elementary school (where board meetings are held) and the auditorium and gymnasium at the high school (which possibly could be both covered by a single live feed).

*The board was informed by principal Deb Gillman, who also serves as the district's curriculum coordinator, that the district intends to apply for a waiver on the one percent exemption of students to judge Adequate Yearly Progress under the federal law No Child Left Behind. Gillman told the board that the district's special education staff feels that more than one percent of the special education students should qualify for the exemption and were working on getting the data to back this request.

Last summer, the district was cited for not making Adequate Yearly Progress under No Child Left Behind because of its district-wide special education testing scores.

*The board set the official time and place for their meetings as the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 8 p.m. in the media center at the elementary school.

*The board approved a stipend of $40 per meeting for board members, which is the same as 2004, but the board approved allowing members to receive the stipend for both monthly meetings. Due to budget cuts, for the past several years, the board has met twice per month but only taken pay for one meeting. Several board members expressed the desire to continue to accept the stipend for only one meeting per month, but others face expenses for attending meetings (babysitting, etc.) and requested the stipend.

*The board approved committee assignments for 2005. The only change was Bonnie Strobbe replacing Stanger on the Curriculum Advisory Committee.

Minnesota State High School League: Bonnie Strobbe
School for Equity in Education: Deb Glenz
Continuing Education:Tami Stanger

Education District:Allen Schmidt Alternate: Stanger
Community Education: Gretchen O'Fallon
Curriculum Advisory: Strobbe
Facility and Equipment: Mark Dingmann, O'Fallon, and Schmidt
Employee Recognition: Glenz and O'Fallon
Transportation: Lowell Haagenson and Schmidt
Teacher Negotiations: Dingmann, Schmidt, and Stanger
Support Staff Negotiations: Glenz, Dingmann, and Haagenson
Administration Negotiations: Glenz, O'Fallon, and Strobbe
Legislative Liaison: Glenz
Meet and Confer: Stanger and O'Fallon
Staff Development: Glenz
Finance: Haagenson and Stanger
Budget: Glenz, and Stanger
Food Service: Glenz and O'Fallon
Stearns County Family Services Collaborative: Strobbe

*The board approved officer's yearly stipends for 2005: chair $125, clerk $25, and treasurer $25.

*The board approved a $100 yearly stipend for the administrative assistant to attend board meetings and take the official minutes. The administrative assistant uses comp time to attend the meetings, with the stipend covering mileage.

*The board accepted a resignation request from elementary teacher Denise Landsteiner, who is currently on leave, effective at the end of the 2004-05 school year.

*The board approved lane changes for the following teachers: Dina Hengen (BA15 to BA30); Alycia Long (BA45 to BA60); AnnMarie Stevens (BA30 to BA45); and Jenica Rindahl (BA to BA15).

*The board approved a month's extension of child care leave for Long, who will now be on leave until at least April.

*The board approved a long-term sub contract for Connie Ludwig through the end of February.

*The board approved the termination of employment for Michael Schwandt as a van driver.

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