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Paynesville Press - February 1, 2006

Three races contested in local township elections

By Michael Jacobson

Three township board races will be contested in March 2006, on the basis of township filings, which were open from Tuesday, Jan. 3, to Tuesday, Jan. 17.

Eden Lake Township, Lake Henry Township, and Munson Township will have contested supervisor races when township residents go to the polls on Tuesday, March 14.

In Eden Lake Township, incumbent David Benkowski - who was appointed this year to replace Conrad Blomker - is opposed by Jerome Hedman.

The clerk position is open in Eden Lake Township as incumbent Gerri Kadlec did not re-file.

Manannah Township also has an open clerk position as incumbent Agnes Schmitz did not re-file.

In Lake Henry Township, incumbent supervisor Math Hemmesch did not re-file for election, but two candidates did file to vie to replace him on the board: Jeff Dahl and Karl Schlangen.

In Lake Henry Township, longtime clerk Ralph Klassen stepped down last spring, and Scott Lieser was appointed to replace him in April. Lieser has filed for election.

The last contested township race in the area is Munson Township, where incumbent Daniel Holthaus is being challenged by Dave Borchardt.

In Paynesville Township, incumbent supervisor Harry Thielen has re-filed, as did incumbent treasurer Laura Lindeman. This is the second straight year that only the incumbent supervisor has refiled in Paynesville Township, but the township has had contested elections for the past seven years. In 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004, the Paynesville Township supervisor race was contested with more than one filing, and in 1999, 2000, and 2005 it was contested with a write-in campaign.

The only other township without the routine refiling of incumbents is St. Martin Township, which has an extra two-year supervisor term on the ballot this year. Board chair John Feldewerd died in November, and Gerald B. Schaefer was appointed in his place. Schaefer filed for a two-year term on the board, the remaining years of Feldewerd's term.

Incumbent supervisor Clarence Olmscheid also re-filed in St. Martin Township for a three-year term, while incumbent clerk Don Rausch re-filed for a two-year term.

All other supervisor terms up for election are for three years, and all clerk terms are for two years.

Eden Lake Township:
Supervisor: *David Benkowski and Jerome Hedman;
Clerk: Open;

Irving Township:
Supervisor: *Russell Schmidt;
Clerk: *Donel Williamson;

Lake Henry Township:
Supervisor: Jeff Dahl and Karl Schlangen;
Clerk: *Scott Lieser;

Manannah Township:
Supervisor: Vernon Becker;
Clerk: Open;

Munson Township:
Supervisor: Dave Borchardt and *Daniel Holthaus;
Clerk: *Michelle Hemmesch;

Paynesville Township:
Supervisor: *Harry Thielen;
Clerk: *Don Wiese;

Roseville Township:
Supervisor: *Vernon Soine;
Clerk: *Patricia Fenske;

St. Martin Township:
Supervisor (three-year term): *Clarence Olmscheid;
Supervisor (two-year term): *Gerald B. Schaefer;
Clerk: *Donald Rausch;

Union Grove Township:
Supervisor: *Verrol Smith;
Clerk: *Loren Pearson;

Zion Township:
Supervisor: *Duane Burg;
Clerk: *Carolyn Reeck.

Denotes incumbent.

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