High school to use new method of registration

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 1/31/01.

Students and parents will be trying something new for class registration at the Paynesville Area High School on Monday, Feb. 5.

In the past, registration forms were sent home with the students to fill out. This year ninth through 11th grade students and their parents will sit down with the student's homeroom advisors to register for next year's classes. Registration will be done throughout the afternoon and evening.

The added emphasis on registration is needed because of the complexity of graduation standards. Students need 86 class credits to graduate, and they also must complete 13 standards and pass basic skills tests in reading, writing, and math.

Advisors will review what requirements students have already completed as well as planning their schedule to pick up the additional requirements before graduation.

"Due to the graduation standards, class registration is becoming more complicated," said Jackie Campbell, school counselor.

Parents and students are both required to meet with advisors. Parents need to be fully aware and involved in their children's registration to know if they have enough credits and what graduation standards need to be passed, Campbell added.

During fall conferences, parents were asked to write down times they could meet with the advisors. Meetings are scheduled for 15 minutes.

Families will be receiving letters reminding them of the times of their meetings. Those who did not register are being asked to do so prior to Feb. 5.

This registration meeting will replace the spring parent-teacher conferences at the high school. The high school students will not have school on Monday, Feb. 5. However, elementary and middle school students will attend classes as usual.

Parent-teacher conferences for kindergarten to eighth grade students will be held on Thursday, April 9.

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