Soine sworn in as new city council member

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 1/28/97.

Paynesville businesswoman Jean Soine was sworn into office Wednesday night as the newest city council officer. Soine was appointed by City Administrator Dennis Wilde to fill the unexpired term of Jeff Thompson. His term expires December 1998.

ďI am unsure what to expect of my new position,Ē Soine said. ďIt will be a learning process. I have always been interested in the community and have worked in various activities in the community.Ē

Soine sees Paynesville as a growing community and doesnít want to see it go backwards. ďWe need to capitalize more on our tourism and lakes,Ē she said.

Soine realizes the council has a lot of issues coming up...possible upgrading of the airport, new police chief and the parking issue on Highway 23. ďThere are a lot of things that need to be resolved,Ē she added. ďI will take one meeting at a time and learn as I go.Ē

Soine and her husband have lived in Paynesville 27 years. She has owned Paynesville Video five years. Her husband, Paul, is employed at the Lake Koronis Assembly Grounds. She is a member of the Paynesville Chamber of Commerce, Paynesville Lutheran Church and a former Mrs. Jaycee.

Soine describes herself as a ďhockey mom.Ē Her youngest son, Chris, 17, is a junior at Paynesville Area High School and competes on the midget boyís hockey team. ďAt present, Chris is my number one priority and my life revolves around his schedule,Ē she said. Soines have two married children, Annette Niewind, 26, Richmond, and Andy, 23, Texas.

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