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Paynesville Press - January 23, 2002

Filings reveal five contested races in area townships

Five area townships will feature contested elections for supervisor or clerk seats this March.

Filings for the township elections closed on Tuesday, Jan. 15. The elections will be held on Tuesday, March 12.

Two positions in each township are up for re-election this year, a three-year term for supervisor and a two-year term for clerk. (Zion Township also has another two-year supervisor term up for election.)

Leading the contested contests will be a three-way supervisor race in Paynesville Township. Incumbent supervisor Warren Nehring will be challenged by both Ed McIntee and Pat Meagher.

Other contested supervisor races are in Munson Township, where incumbent Tom Gertken will be challenged by Mary Wiese, and in Mannanah Township, where incumbent Harold Kelm will be challenged by George Friederichs.

Two clerk elections will also be contested. In Eden Lake Township, Barb Bishop and Gerri Kadler will vie for the position; incumbent Anne Meyer did not file. In Lake Henry Township, incumbent Ralph Klassen will be challenged by Jacqueline Dahl. Eligible candidates for township offices must be 21 years of age, must be a U.S. citizen, and must be a resident of the township for 30 days by election day. The filing fee was $2.

Due to a legislative change, township filings opened and closed two weeks earlier than usual this year.

Filing for township election were:
Eden Lake Township: supervisor: incumbent Conrad Blomker; and clerk: Barb Bishop and Gerri Kadler. Incumbent clerk Anne Meyer did not file.

Irving Township: supervisor: incumbent Dan Olson; and clerk: Donel Williamson. Incumbent clerk Joyce Strootman did not file.

Lake Henry Township: supervisor: incumbent Celestine Fischbach; and clerk: incumbent Ralph Klassen and Jacqueline Dahl.

Manannah Township: supervisor: incumbent Harold Kelm and George Friederichs; and clerk: incumbent Aggie Schmitz.

Munson Township: supervisor: incumbent Tom Gertken and Mary Wiese; and clerk: Michelle Hemmesch. Incumbent clerk Kathleen Hemmesch did not file.

Paynesville Township: supervisor: incumbent Warren Nehring, Ed McIntee, and Pat Meagher; and clerk: incumbent Don Wiese.

Roseville Township: supervisor: incumbent Bill Ryan; and clerk: incumbent Pat Fenske.

St. Martin Township: supervisor: incumbent John Feldewerd; and clerk: incumbent Don Rausch.

Union Grove Township: supervisor: imcumbent Rick Thompson; and clerk: incumbent Loren Pearson.

Zion Township: supervisor (three-year term): incumbent Richard Leyendecker; supervisor (two-year term): incumbent Tim Wegner; and clerk: incumbent Carolyn Reeck.

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