School board approves pay equity plan

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 1/21/97.

In December, the Paynesville Area School District was told they were not in compliance with the pay equity law. The board agreed upon a remedy at their Tuesday, Jan. 14, meeting.

Kathleen Murphy, management consultant, recommended changes that would bring the school into compliance to Superintendent Howard Caldwell, which the board followed. At present, all employees involved are already at the proposed rate for their years of service, thus there would be no salary increase made.

In other business, the school board approved a resolution directing the administration to review and consider adjustments in budgets and programs as needed.

ēThe board reviewed a letter from Bob Brink, activities director at Rocori High School, concerning implementing a girlís and boyís hockey program in the area. Brink sent letters to several area schools.

Maurice Dosdall, school board member, said he hasnít changed his mind on the topic. ďI would prefer spending the money on academics rather than adding another sport,Ē he said.

Several other board members agreed with Dosdall. ďPaynesville is not that big a district to add another sport. It would take participants away from other sports,Ē they said. Dosdall also cited problems Sauk Centre had in raising funds for the program. Debora Glenz, board member and former hockey parent, stressed that hockey is an expensive sport. Board member Pat Flanders said if a student wanted to play hockey, the district would release the student to compete.

Under information reports, John Janotta, high school principal, reported there were 59 students signed up to take the German trip this spring. Janotta added that next year, a Spanish I course will be offered to the ninth through 11th grade students.

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