Quilt being made for elementary library

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 1/21/97.

The Paynesville Area Elementary students are looking forward with expectation to when a guilt will be completed. This isnít a quilt to be placed on a bed, but one which will hang in the media center. The quilt features 45 signatures of authors and illustrators of childrenís books.

Last spring, three teachers attended the International Reading Association Convention in New Orleans. Rita Brossard had the idea of having the authors sign quilt squares. ďAt various conventions you see teachers with aprons or school bags and they get them autographed. The teachers then wear them to school or have them on display in their classroom,Ē Brossard explained.ďWe have a big wall space in the media center and I thought it would be a nice edition to the library,Ē she added.

Before Brossard, Lou Louis and Kathy Olmscheid left for the convention, Olmscheid had precut the muslin squares and had them ready to be autographed. Brossard explained that at the convention, publishing companies have authors available for autographs at their booths. A person would purchase a book then have the author sign the book. ďWe purchased a book from each of the authors using funds raised at the Elementary Book Fair,Ē she said.

Brossard said the authors were very cooperative and thought it a great idea. Many of the authors were also illustrators so besides their autograph, they drew pictures on their quilt square. Several commented they wished they had more time to do a better job on their illustration and signature.

The quilt squares were signed by preschool to middle school authors. The squares feature Dinosaur Bob, a flag, music stand, dog, lions, cat and other pieces of art. One square states ďLearn Life and Art Through Nature.Ē

After the convention, the quilt squares were put away as school activities consumed the teacherís time. This winter, the ladies remembered the squares and started assembling the quilt. Olmscheid sewed the squares together. The quilt consists of four rows with six squares in each row.

Helping complete the quilt are Marie Stang, Olmscheid, Louis and Brossard. They work on the quilt after school, as their busy schedules allow.

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