Brennecke Flooring opens new store

This article submitted by Stephanie Everson on 1/21/97.

Janet Brennecke and her son Mike opened a new branch of Brennecke Flooring in Paynesville, where they offer carpeting, hardwood flooring, and ceramic tile. They were hoping to open earlier this year but postponed due to weather conditions.

Janet is a professional decorator who has worked in floor covering for over 20 years. She also owns another business, Windows by Janet, which works with interior design. Mike Brennecke previously worked largely with installing, but plans to go more into sales.

Janet started in the flooring business as manager of floor covering and furniture sales at both S&F Supply and Ericksonís Furniture, until three years ago when she began Brennecke Flooring, based in Willmar.

She insists on all her employees being up-to-date on the latest decorating trends. She, herself, will be traveling to the national training market in Las Vegas, Nev., which is the largest decoratorís training market in the world. Beginning next month her recently hired employees, who are qualified decorators in their own right, will attend "SurfacesĒ training market in both Minneapolis and Fargo, each of which lasts three days. She said, "I interviewed several people, but the ladies I hired seemed to have a certain flair."

Brennecke Flooring offers a wide variety, as well as the latest knowledge in floor covering.

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