County gives reason for adopting ordinance

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 1/20/98.

ēBetter enables the county to manage actual or potential environmental liabilities due to disposal outside the countyís solid waste system.

ēDefines limits for the proper storage of covered solid waste and gives the county a mechanism to clean up unauthorized accumulations of solid waste.
ēEnsures commitment to the countyís solid waste management plan and system of integrated solid waste management.
ēMakes all covered solid waste generated in the county subject to mandates for proper management of solid waste, but provides flexibility for self-haulers who properly manage their solid waste.

ēProvides flexibility for the county in administering the ordinance and gives haulers and generators flexibility in solid waste management, provided their wastes are managed appropriately.

ēPromotes and encourages recycling as well as the separation and proper management of household hazardous wastes.

ēProvides exemptions for cities which have their own solid waste management programs.

ēGives the county a wide variety of options for dealing with solid waste management, from direct service to contracted service.

ēCreates the opportunity for uniform disposal costs for all Stearns County solid waste haulers.

ēProvides solid waste management options that promote free enterprise, encourages competition and provides the freedom for county residents to choose their solid waste service provider.

ēEnables the board to eliminate delivery buy-down costs and to review the future of the environmental service fee based upon costs of program administration.

ēAllows the county to more effectively exercise sound fiscal management.

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