City council starts off year with routine business

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 1/19/99.

The Paynesville City Council started off the new year with a routine meeting Wednesday night. Before any business could proceed, the re-elected council members (Jeff Thompson, Jean Soine, and Dennis Zimmerman) had to be sworn in.

Dennis Zimmerman was elected to serve as acting mayor when Mayor Jeff Thompson could not attend meetings.

The Paynesville Press was designated the official newspaper for the city of Paynesville and Frauenshuh and Spooner Law Firm was named city attorney.

Selected as the cityís official depository for funds were: Farmers and Merchants State Bank, Paynesville Office of the Melrose Credit Union, Community First National Bank, Smith, Barney and Shearson, and Juran and Moody.

Bill Drager was reappointed the civil defense director; Short-Elliot-Hendrickson was named the city engineers; and Don Hanson was rehired as the cityís building inspector.

The council approved closing city hall on Oct. 11 for an in-house safety training and Nov. 26 for personal time.

The council authorized Dennis Wilde, city administrator, to sign an affidavit releasing the right of reverter regarding Duckwall Alcoís purchase of property from the city. Duckwall fulfilled all aspects of the purchase agreement,

The council approved a highway maintenance agreement with Stearns County Highway Department to maintain a portion of County Road 123 on the east city limits. The stretch of roadway is nine tenths of a mile long and extends from the industrial loop eastward to Highway 23.

The council approved selling two vehicles that were seized by the police department and declared surplus property. Sealed bids for the 1986 Ford Bronco II were awarded to Terry and Teresa Kirkpatrick and the 1983 Chevrolet three-quarter ton pickup was awarded to Larry Hartmann, both of Paynesville.

The council approved the develop-ment agreement with Louis Industries for Tax Increment Finance District 1-8.

Committee appointments for 1999:
During the Jan. 13 Paynesville City Council meeting, Mayor Jeff Thompson announced his committee appointments for 1999.

Committees and their members are:

Public Works Committee: Harlan Beek, Alvin Hartmann, Melvin Schaefer, Ron Mergen, Kevin Rausch, and Dave Peschong.

Cable TV Advisory Board: Michelle Fischbach, Jan Madsen, Kevin Koglin, Don Pietsch, Don Wiese, Dennis Wilde, Dennis Zimmerman, and Don Torbenson.

Weed Inspection: Jeff Thompson and Bob Wander.

Planning Commission: Lew Storkamp, Doreen Miller, Audrey Olmscheid, Joe Voss, Ron Iverson, Sr., Dennis Wilde, and Jean Soine.

Solid Waste Management Commission: Dennis Zimmerman, Tom Kotten, Bev Thomes, Wilfred Butkofski, and Darlene Thyen.

Park Advisory Committee: Tom Koshiol, John Wimmer, Jean Soine, Bob Wander, Ron Mergen, and Bob Jung.

Airport Commission: Jean Soine, Jeff Thompson, Harlan Beek, Dennis Zimmerman, Dave Peschong, and Dennis Wilde.

Personnel Committee: Harlan Beek and Dave Peschong.

Police: Jeff Thompson.

Finance Committee: Harlan Beek and Jean Soine.

Human Rights Commission: Jean Soine, Tony Schmitt, Joe and Sue Voss, Howard Caldwell, Father Richard Leisen, Sherry Liebl, Mary Frandson, and Allison Thompson.

CAEERC Committee: Harlan Beek, Dave Peschong, Tony Schmitt, Chris Lundgren, Bob Wander, Marilyn Fuchs, and Dennis Wilde.

EDAP Board: Howard Caldwell, Peter Jacobson, Pat Flanders, Troy Stang, Mel Jones, Dennis Zimmerman, Jeff Thompson, Don Wiese, Don Pietsch, and Dennis Wilde.

Public Charitable Trust Fund: Tom Thelen, Dr. John Welle, Jeff Thompson, and Ron Frauenshuh.

Wellhead Protection Committee: Tim Haag, Al Kuseske, Dotty Kimbler, Don Wiese, and Harlan Beek.

Community Education Rep: Jeff Thompson.

Ad Hoc Airport Committee: Dave Peschong, Dennis Zimmerman, Don Pietsch, Phil Bailey, Lew Storkamp, Steve Whitcomb, and Dennis Wilde.

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