Middle school names January Students of the Month

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 1/19/00.

Students of the Month Student selection for January Students of the Month were based on class participation and student attitude.

The January Students of the Month at the Paynesville Area Middle School are Ryan Hess and Breana Kochmann, representing the sixth grade; Matt Fuchs and Ashley Spanier, seventh grade; Kevin Hemmesch and Julie Stockholm, eighth grade.

Front (L to R): Kevin Hemmesch and Julie Stockholm; back: Ryan Hess, Ashley Spanier, and Breana Kochmann.

Ryan Hess is the son of Dale and Linda Hess. He is described by his teachers as a responsible, hard working, and cooperative student.

Ryan's school activities include basketball, baseball, and football. He lists his interests as card collecting, fishing, hunting, and water skiing.

"I feel very happy and honored to have won this award," Ryan said. "I paid attention in classes and have a positive attitude about school."

Breana Kochmann is the daughter of George and Brenda Kochmann. According to her teachers, she is polite, hard working, and a pleasant student. Breana is well-liked by her peers.

Breana participates in the school band and choir and plays on the sixth grade basketball team. Her interests include playing basketball and softball, reading, and hanging out with friends.

"I feel honored to have won this award," Kochmann said. "I hand in all my assignments and pay attention in class."

Matt Fuchs is the son of Marilyn and Cletus Fuchs. According to his teachers, Matt is a serious young man who puts forth a good academic effort. He is a leader among his peers and a member of the student council.

Matt participates in basketball, football, and baseball. His interests are collecting sports cards and playing Nintendo 64.

"I was surprised to win this award," Matt said. "I've been working hard in class."

Ashley Spanier is the daughter of Dean and Jeannie Spanier. According to her teachers, Ashley is a friendly, outgoing young person. Ashley is mature, puts forth a solid effort in class, does high quality work, and is well-mannered.

Ashley is a member of the seventh and eighth grade choir, pops choir, and band. She also competes on the gymnastics team. Her interests are snowmobiling and playing softball.

"I was happy to win the award," Ashley said.

Kevin Hemmesch is the son of Leo and Mary Jo Hemmesch. His teachers state he is a responsible student, quiet, well-liked by his peers, and cooperative in class.

Kevin enjoys spending time working on the farm.

"I was excited to win the award," Kevin said. "I try hard in school."

Julie Stockholm is the daughter of Cindy Hukriede. According to her teachers, Julie is a hard working student, a good role model, and well-liked by her peers.

Julie is a member of the seventh and eighth grade choir, pops choir, and plays basketball. Her interests include playing basketball and drawing.

"I am happy and excited I finally won this award," Julie said. "I think I received it because of my academic achievements."

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