Soup, Sandwich, and Song entertains a crowd

This article submitted by Erin Aagesen on 1/19/00.

Hannah singing Choir members presented their fifth annual Soup, Sandwich and Song concert on Friday, Jan. 14. The evening consisted of a meal, performances by soloists and ensembles, and a concert. The concert was centered around three different medleys: "Fiddler on the Roof," performed by the high school pops choir; "Grease," performed by the middle school pops choir; and "Encore: The Music of Our Times," performed by the combined high school choirs.

Hannah Philabaum sang a solo while Ryan Lang and Jesse Neu sing in the background.

"The evening went really well," said choir director Cheryl Bungum. "The kids in all three groups did a super job. I was also really happy with the size of the audience."

Before the main concert, 20 students sang in either a solo or ensemble in the gym. After people had finished eating their meal, they were free to go in and listen. Erin O'Fallon was one student who sang a solo. "It was very nerve–racking because we were very much in the spotlight, but it was fun," she commented. "I think it was a good experience that will help us at contest this spring."

Each of the three main pieces involved choreography and costumes. For "Grease," students dressed up in 50s clothing. For "Fiddler on the Roof," the students wore rags. For "Encore," which featured songs of the 20th century, the costume was a choir t–shirt and a pair of jeans.

J.T. Koehn, member of the high school choir and pops choir, said, "Performing was lots of fun. Everything went smoothly, and we had a good audience."

Carol Halvorson attended the concert as a spectator. "It was so good because there was lots of movement and excitement. They were never just standing," she said.

Another unique aspect of the concert was that it was recorded by a company called Kat Tracks, which is located in Willmar. It will be put on a CD that students or community members will be able to buy. For more information, contact Bungum.

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