Jerry's Jack & Jill changes ownership from father to son

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 1/13/98.

As of Jan. 1, Joel Burr, Paynesville, became the owner of Jerryís Jack and Jill.

ďDad has been in the grocery business 35 years and has worked in various stores since he was a freshman in high school,Ē Joel said. ďI have worked with dad since I was seven years old.Ē

Jerry Burr started Jerryís Jack and Jill at the site of National Bushing. At that time there were three grocery stores in Paynesville. He later purchased the grocery store from John Bolstad on Washburne Avenue.

Joel joined his father in the business 11 years ago. Joel graduated from St. Cloud State University with a degree in business.

ďThe nice thing about working in a grocery store is all the nice customers you get to meet,Ē Joel said. He enjoys seeing former high school employees return for visits and seeing how much they have matured and learn about their careers.

Joel said there have been a lot of changes in the business world. ďThe computer industry has made a big impact with the use of credit cards. He said it is also easier to order groceries via computer. The turn around time is only 12 hours from the time the items are ordered and they are delivered at his back door. It used to take two to three days before an order was delivered,Ē he added.

When asked about his goals for the future, Joel responded, to survive and own the best grocery store he can. Jerryís Jack and Jill employs 40 full and part-time people.

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