Guy/girl dance is performed

This article submitted by Erin Aagesen on 1/12/00.

Guy/girl dancing Ten high school guys danced with the danceline in a guy/girl dance at last Friday's girls basketball game. Through this dance, they became the first male danceline members in the history of the school.

In order to have a fun, audience pleasing event, each girl danceline member was paired with a guy, who had agreed to participate with them. It took three practices to prepare the five-minute dance. Choreographed by the dance team's senior girl members, the routine was set to cuts from different dance music.

The guys did basic dance moves such as kicks and russians with the girls. The dance also allowed plenty of opportunity for improvisation and humor. Due to the crowd reaction, the team is trying to arrange for one more performance.

Guy dancers included: Phil Mohs, Wes Lieser, Joe Halvorson, Guy Norton, Troy Schmidt, Luc Trees, Chris Sogge, Nathan Brown, Nic Glenz, and Ryan Flanders.

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