Library open six days with expanded hours

This article submitted by Molly Connors on 1/7/97.

The Paynesville Public Library expanded its hours on Jan. 2.

The library is now open an extra day every week, on Thursdays, and has added an extra night to the schedule, with Monday nights.

Right now, the library has two people on staff: head librarian Gretchen Vork and her assistant, Marsha Herzberg.

Comparing library use from year to year, patronage has jumped 25 percent from October and November 1995 to October and November 1996. Vork said the library usually compares months instead of years in statistics because the library's business varies with seasons and holidays.

A library's hours are expanded when ďthe library shows an increase in circulation over time" and the community is committed to increasing the library capacity, said Verne Oleksowicz, deputy director, branch services.

When the Great River Regional Library Board sees these things in libraries and communities, they take a look at the budget. If there are funds available, the board will expand the library hours.

Approximately 75 percent of the regional library system funding comes from local property taxes. The last quarter is funded by state and federal aid and ďmiscellaneous income," Oleksowicz said.

The Paynesville Public Library joined the regional system in 1991.

There are 31 libraries in the Great River Region. This region covers Stearns, Todd, Morrison, Benton, Sherburne and Wright counties.

Online library access

The Great River Regional Library system is online at:

The regional catalog is available through the above home page address to telnet users.

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