Internal investigation at a standstill

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 1/6/98.

An internal investigation into the Paynesville Police Departmentís pursuit and resulting accident is at a standstill.

In November, the city of Paynesville hired Orvid (Butch) LeBarge, Minnetonka, to do an internal investigation of the police pursuit.

According to city attorney Bill Spooner, LeBarge hadnít received any reports from the Stearns County Sheriffís office needed for the investigation. ďHe is encountering the same stumbling blocks we did from the county,Ē Spooner said. Stearns County wonít release any information until after Andersonís trial.

LeBarge has done a preliminary review of the incident, which included going over the initial interview with Office Joe Schmitz. This is all that has ben made available to him, according to Spooner. Based on LeBargeís recom-mendation, Schmitz is back on regular duty with the Paynesville Police Department.

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