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Paynesville Press - Oct. 31, 2012

Kandiyohi County District 4
Roger Imdieke

Roger Imdieke

Roger Imdieke, 58, of New London is self-employed in dairy farming and with a retail furnishings business (Three Sisters Furnishings in New London). He has served as a township officer, on the citizen advisory board to the University of Minnesota, and on the Kandiyohi County Economic Develpment Commission.

Why are you interested in serving on the county board of commissioners?
We have lived in this area for over 23 years. We own a home, started a business, and raised our family in the fourth district of Kandiyohi County. Our children attended school at New London-Spicer and now their children attend school in this district.

Two of our three girls (the three girls are the "Three Sisters" of Three Sisters Furnishings), along with their husbands, own homes, are engaged in business in the community, and now have families of their own. I want to work toward sustaining a healthy community in which future generations can raise children, operate a business, and enjoy the natural resources that mark this area of the county.

What makes you the best candidate for this office?
I am engaged in the business, civic, and community life of the district. I have advocated for the area and have the experience, knowledge, work ethic, and passion to represent Kandiyohi County - and specifically the northeast corner of the county. I am not afraid to challenge myself and others by asking if what we are doing is in the best interest of the county and the fourth district. This includes listening to the residents and the grassroots governments (town boards and city councils) of the area.

What would be your primary goals if elected?
I have been consistent in saying there are three things that are important to pursue - and they are all related. •Economic development.
•Protection of our natural resources, especially the water and the impact of Aquatic Invasive Species. (Zebra mussels are a huge concern.)
•Maintaining or lowering the property tax burden.
If we protect our great parks, trails, lakes, and other assets that are attractive to young people, we will keep our schools full, our homes full, and insure that we have future business and civic leaders. And that, along with pressing for the return of Local Government Aid, will keep a lid on, or lower our property taxes.

What is your long-range vision for Kandiyohi County?
See above.
•Promote economic development by attracting young professionals and new business through "selling" what differentiates us from other communities. That is, our great recreation, cultural, and shopping opportunities of the fourth district.
•Have lakes and rivers free of zebra mussels that will allow us to attract visitors - and ultimately - new residents and businesses to the area.
•Maintain or lower our property taxes without sacrificing services.

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