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Paynesville Press - Oct. 31, 2012

Paynesville Area Hospital Board - City of Paynesville
Jerry "Matt" Quade

Jerry "Matt" Quade, 50, has been the division manager at the AMPI plant in Paynesville since 1999. An SDSU grad, he also serves on the public works committee for the City of Paynesville. He and his wife Becki have three children.

Why are you interested in serving on the board?
I am interested in serving on the board for a couple of reasons. I believe I can bring some management ideas and suggestions to the board because of my AMPI and dairy management background. Secondly, as a family that lives in the community, I want to see the best health care provided for all families.

As PAHCS awaits the due diligence study about a possible alignment with CentraCare, what pros and cons do you see in a merger?
Cons: May lose the majority of its local controls and could have loss of jobs for local employees of all positions.

Pros: Could have more services and broader spectrum of services and ideas.

What pros and cons do you see in remaining an independent health care system?
Pros: We would still have a smalltown facility not subjected to the greater business world.

Cons: Less services and technologies to the families.

Under what scenarios would you support PAHCS using it taxing authority?
For new services and building expansions.

How important is long- term care to PAHCS's mission of "Caring for Life"?
It's extremely important to keep long-term care available for our families and for the elderly who can not seek services out of town.

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