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Paynesville Press - Oct. 31, 2012

Paynesville City Council
Kay McDaniel

Kay McDaniel

Kay McDaniel, 69, who owns and operates BlessingWell Gallery and Frame Shoppe in downtown Paynesville, has lived in town since 2004. She has served on the ad hoc enhancement committee. She and her husband Bob have four adult children and three grandchildren.

Why are you interested in serving on city council?
There are no rules that say service is required. It just feels like the most natural thing in the world. I am sticking my neck out for the common good, and I see service as an exciting, satisfying part of my life. Looking at now and looking ahead, I value the concerns and talents within the citizens of this community. I am grateful for this opportunity to be a candidate for city council and to work with vast city resources. Ours is a creative, cultural, and giving community. Who wouldn't want to serve it?

What new ideas do you feel you can bring to the council?
When there is an atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation among the council members, ideas flow. Confrontation and consternation immobilize members. Resistance results, and the community suffers. Council members are there to serve ALL members of the community.

What should the city do about the benzene pollution from the former gas station at the corner of Lake Avenue and Mill Street?
My goal would be to find out how bad it is and if it is still expanding. I will look for solutions to neutralize the pollution without catastrophic effects to homeowners in the surrounding area and/or the whole city of Paynesville.

Should additional budget cuts become necessary, what areas of spending would you target?
I believe we have efficient city employees who do a great job. Should it be necessary to cut spending in some areas, the city employees and the council members together could identify cost cuts and ways to solve the problems.

As funds allow, where do you think the city could be spending more?
On its people. Additional training for city employees to keep them up-to-date, especially in the area of technology, is one idea. A better trained person provides better services for our residents.

I think creating and providing promotional pieces about the advantages of living in Paynesville could be sent to prospective people who would be interested in moving and working here.

I believe we should review the plans for replacement of equipment that is worn out. I am in favor of keeping our city's equipment in shape and good working condition ahead of its failure.

What types of tax increases (if any) would you support as a council member?
I am not in favor of tax increases. I would only consider a tax increase for a specific identifiable necessity.

What should the community do to make Paynesville attractive from the new Highway 23 bypass?
Make the landscape attractive to the entrances to the city. MnDOT has plants and shrubbery available to be used to enhance these entrances. Although MnDOT has the greenery, we, the citizens, need to roll up our sleeves and do the planting and maintenance. What a great way to take pride in our city.

How can Paynesville businesses entice highway traffic to continue to stop in Paynesville?
It is quite simple: Product (variety and choice), pricing (competitive and coupon strategies), and courtesy. Hospitality and courtesy is the key. Everyone, those who live here and those who visit, should be greeted with a smile and the attitude of "I'm glad you are here.":

We need to give employers and employees a full awareness of the town's activities and services. When asked :"What's going on in town?" they can be knowledgeable and give an answer.

What is the city's role in promoting Paynesville to Highway 23 traffic?
The city could install an electronic sign at a strategic spot. Useful information as to what is going on in Paynesville would be available on the sign promoting our area. Another aspect would be allowing reasonable variances and negotiating with state agencies to develop key elements of success on Highway 23.

How important is having a full-time police chief to the city? It is very important. Local citizens are better served by local police officers who we know and who know us.

What is your long-term view for police coverage in Paynesville?
believe it will be a proactive police force working in harmony with vibrant neighborhood watch programs.

What type of relationship should the city council have with its employees?
It should not be based on fear. It should be an open, positive, respectful, transparent, trustworthy working environment.

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