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Paynesville Press - Oct. 31, 2012

Kandiyohi County District 4
Alan Welle

Alan Welle

Alan Welle, 66, of Willmar served in the Minnesota House from 1980 to 1994, rising to the position of Majority Leader before resigning. He also owned a lumber yard and taught business classes. The former Vietnam veteran has also served on the Willmar Area Arts Council board of directors and as the Eagle Lake Association president.

Why are you interested in serving on the county board of commissioners?
First, the county is a nonpartisan position without party designation. That enables you to more easily work with other people to address the needs of the county. Second, the issues are more local in nature: i.e. invasive species, transportation issues, economic development, etc. Third, the board is still one political unit that works together.

What makes you the best candidate for this office?
I have broad experience in government, the community, and the county. Because the county and the state are so intertwined, my experience and understanding of state government will be a great asset in serving the county. In addition, I have always worked with other people to build a consensus, reached across aisles, and worked with everyone. This kind of common sense is sorely needed these days.

What would be your primary goals if elected?
Make sure that all of the strengths of the county are promoted, including agriculture, lakes, arts and tourism, manufacturing, medical, retail, etc. Kandiyohi County is unique in our diverse economic climate, and we need to take advantage of that. In addition, I will work hard at creating a better line of communication between the county, cities, and townships. Soliciting the input of our city councils and township will be a priority.

What is your long-range vision for Kandiyohi County?
Kandiyohi County's economic diversity is our strength. We need to continue promoting that strength, as well as preserving the resources we have that draw people and businesses here. This most certainly includes the prevention of aquatic invasive species, especially zebra mussels, into our lakes. If, at the end of four years, we have stopped the infestation of AIS, increased people's awareness of arts and tourism in the county, kept our unemployment rate low, increased economic growth, nurtured our agricultural sector, and made our government more efficient, it will have been a great four years.

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