Lorie and Tom Floura

Date of Marriage: June 19, 1992

Place of Marriage: St. Mary's Catholic Church, Sioux Falls, S.D.

How did you meet?
We met through a mutual friend soon after I moved to the Eagan, Minn., area before moving to Lincoln, Neb., to teach.

Who proposed and how?
Tom proposed while he was looking for a house to buy.

How long were you engaged?
Three years.

How large was your wedding?
200 people.

What food was served?
Ham and chicken buffet with chocolate wedding cake.

What was the most memorable moment at your wedding?
Lorie: Having my brothers walk me up the aisle. My father had died just a few months before.
Tom: Making Lorie laugh when she was choking up during the vows.
We danced until 2 a.m. and gambled until 3 a.m. with my mom.

What was your most memorable wedding gift?
When my mother framed a larger print of our wedding picture for us, in the Corvette, of course.
Tom was disappointed because we didn't register at Menards.

What wedding gift do you use the most today?
Our steak knives and potato peeler.

Who caught the bouquet and did they have to shove to get it?
We don't know.

Whose relatives, or friends, had the most fun at the wedding?
The wedding party, primarily Tom's best man. We all played golf and went out the day before the rehearsal and had a great time. Our best man gave a very fun, somewhat incriminating, toast at the reception.

Where did you go for a honeymoon?
Superior National Golf Course at Lutsen, where Lorie saw her first moose.

What do you do to keep romance alive in your marriage?
Find fun in the everyday events and make the most of the times we can escape our busy schedules and enjoy doing things together.

If you could travel back in time to your wedding day, what advice for maintaining a happy marriage would you give yourselves?
Take the time to communicate and never underestimated the value of communication. Do not take each other's feelings for granted.

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