Dwight and Grace Peteler

Dwight and Grace Peteler

Date of Marriage: June 5, 1948

Place of Marriage: St. Joseph Catholic Church in Hopkins, Minn.

How did you meet?
At a football game in Hopkins.

Who proposed and how?
Dwight proposed. We were coming home from a dance, and when we arrived at my home, he asked me if I would marry him, and I said "Yes," and he gave me the ring.

How long were you engaged?
One year or a bit longer.

How large was your wedding?
Six attendants, a flower girl, and ring bearer.

What food was served?
A chicken dinner at noon at my dad's home and the reception later that day at home. We had small sandwiches, nuts, mints, and wedding cake.

What was the most memorable moment at your wedding?
Getting married and seeing our family and friends.

What was your most memorable wedding gift?
We enjoyed all of the gifts.

Who caught the bouquet?
I didn't throw my bouquet.

Whose relatives, or friends, had the most fun at the reception?
We don't remember! We hope everybody had a good time!

Where did you go for a honeymoon?
We went to a cabin in Brainerd for a week and did a lot of sightseeing.

What do you do to keep romance alive in your marriage?
Enjoy and respect each other. Do as many things together as we can. We each have separate things that we enjoy doing. We talk about what happened that day when Dwight or I come home.

If you could travel back in time to your wedding day, what advice for maintaining a happy marriage would you give yourselves?
We wouldn't change a thing.

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