Survey Results from the Koronis / Rice Lake Visioning
Saturday, July 13, 2002

[Comments by Jim Ellickson]

Thanks to Margaret Swanson, Bud and Karen Nordstrom, Frank and Kathy Ziegler and Dale Lorenz, who's hard work during the dinner allowed us to report these results at the end of the meeting. We tabulated 150 surveys during the Presentations. We noted that some were turned in blank (hence uncounted).

Comment: About 200 people came in the door, so I would think this discrepancy might be significant.

General Information:

"Where is your property/residence in the Rice/Koronis lakes area?"

Comment: Heavily on ýLake Peopleţ.

"How long have you lived, worked or visited in the Rice-Koronis lakes area?"

Comment: Heavily long time residents, lake users.

"I use the house on my property:"

Lake Use:

"I actively use the lake (stream) for? (Check all that apply):" (ranked)

"If you do not live on either Rice Lake or Lake Koronis, when was the last time you used either of the lakes? Within the last ..."

Issues and Concerns:

"Please check the issues, concerns, or problems listed below that are most important to you regarding the lake or stream where you own property." (ranked)

Comment: I mistakenly reported that Shoreland preservation and Natural habitat were tied for 5th, but they were eclipsed by soil erosion, jet skis, and lake levels. My mistake...

Lakeshed Management Priorities:

"The Rice/Koronis lakeshed management committees are teaming up with resource managers to develop and implement specific programs and projects to improve the land and water resources in the lakeshed. Of the items listed below, what priorities do you feel should be exercised to accomplish this? Circle the priority that you would give for each of the following issues:" (Top selections are shown.)

Would you be willing to be a volunteer?

Should governments identify specific properties that should be preserved?

Comment: Suggestions were given on the surveys.

Implementation and Funding

Would you support property tax increase to fund water quality improvement projects in our area?

If yes, how much?

Comment: This is a remarkable result! Very surprising to Dale and I.

Follow up:

Communicate results by: (ranked)