Paynesville Press - May 25, 2005

Letter to the Editor

Concentrate on Highway 23 exits to city

To the editor:
As the Highway 23 bypass draws closer to reality and discussion increases - re: various routes.

I suggest we leave the location decision to professional highway traffic engineers and environmentalists. Let's agree with their recommendations and concentrate on a distinctive, appealing main entrance to our city. An access so attractive and well designed that it demands attention and creates a focal point for the traveling public, encouraging them to visit our lovely community.

Secondary access routes must also be attractive, but concentrate primarily on the main highway exit.

I envision a four-lane roadway with flowers and colorful trees in the median and along both boulevard sides. It should be well lighted and well maintained.

Such an entrance to Paynesville and a friendly relationship with the Minnesota Department of Transportation may also encourage them to lend us their expertise and advice on the layout, design, and funding.

Jack Bugbee

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