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Fishing Exhibit

Notes from the Paynesville Historical Society. . .

Come see the fishing exhibit
By Carolyn Deadrick

The museum is up and running for the summer. Char Peltz and Dolores Hislop are the tour guides at the museum.

Where can you go on a rainy day to have some fun and learn something new about Paynesville? I admit there are a couple of places in town, but I was thinking of the Paynesville Historical Society Museum.

There is a story behind each of the artifacts in the museum. I'll start with the large fish that are mounted in the lake display. There are three on display there donated by Wally Thyen, Mike Ogdahl, and Henry Scheierl. Many old lures also hang in our lake display and an old map shows where the resorts were located.

Ray Webb donated a fish house. It is a true fish house - you had to be a survivor to fish in it. It's a miracle they didn't asphyxiate themselves in one of those old fish houses.

I haven't even begun to tell you about all that you will find in the museum. You need to come for a visit and bring your kids and grandkids with you.

The museum is looking for a birch bark canoe and a Holly NH carburetor for our Ford Model T. Contact Bertha Zniewski at 320-243-4433, if you know here they can be found.