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Notes from the Paynesville Historical Society. . .

History of summertime fun

By Jennifer Gully

During the summertime, we all enjoy having fun. In Paynesville, there are a variety of attractions. It is important to remember that every place you go to for summer fun has a history.

golfers These unknown golfers carry their clubs at Koronis Hills Golf Course in August 1935. The club was formed in 1929, and the course opened in Paynesville in 1930.

Have you gone to a movie yet this summer? People have been going to the movie theater in Paynesville since 1917. The theater's original name was Jack's Theater, and in 1930, new owners changed the name to Rialto. In 1941, the theater name was replaced with its current name, Koronis Cinema.

Also, a vertical sign was added displaying the theater's new name, but, in the 1970s, the sign was taken down. The theater was originally a single-screen cinema. However, in the 1990s it was remodeled, so there now are two screens.

The museum in Paynesville is another cool location to spend hot summer days. The museum began in 1969 with the hard work of Bertha Zniewski and others. The museum has changed locations three times. The museum began in a building by the old city hall and used to be in the old Methodist church on Highway 23. Since 1996, the museum has been open at its present location.

With over 35 years of being open, the museum has collected over 9,000 artifacts.

Lake Koronis is another popular summer destination. The Dakota Indians first called Lake Koronis Gagagiwig - Wuni Sagaiigun, which meant Raven Feather Lake. From 1874 until 1896, maps called the lake either Lake Cedar or Lake Koronis. Since 1896, Lake Koronis has been the official name.

During the summer, many people enjoy golfing in Paynesville. Koronis Hills opened in Paynesville in 1930 as a nine-hole course. Koronis Hills became popular with time. As a result, in 1997, the course was expanded to 18 holes.

Enjoy traveling to these popular destinations in Paynesville before the summer is over. If you would like to gain more information about Paynesville or contribute information you know about Paynesville, remember to stop by the Paynesville Area Historical Museum.