Keep the Quality Education Foundation

America's future walks through the doors of our schools each day.
The best possible education of all students is the collective responsibility of our community.

~ Our Mission Statement ~
To Enhance, Encourage, and Initiate Educational Opportunities at Paynesville Area Schools.

~ Above & Beyond ~
The Keep the Quality Education Foundation exists solely to benefit the students attending the Paynesville Area Schools. The foundation is an independent decision-making body, separate from the school board and school administration.

The Keep the Quality Foundation is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to raise funds in order to enhance school programming and to initiate educational opportunities beyond what can be provided by tax dollars.

Funds the foundation generates are used for educational programs and activities that go above and beyond the basics of public education, since state funding has never and will never pay for the education our students deserve.

The Keep the Quality Education Foundation was formed with the belief our schools can be enriched - academically, artistically, and athletically - if our community is willing to continue to support public education in Paynesville.

Foundation Goals

~ Our Foundation History ~
In February 2002, as the Paynesville Area School District prepared to make budget cuts, a group of parents and concerned citizens decided to do more than talk about where the cuts should be made.

Instead of simply arguing to save their favorite school program, these civic-minded folks decided to back their talk with their checkbooks. In less than a month of fundraising, the Keep the Quality Campaign delivered $65,000 in donations to the school district to reduce the amount of cuts.

With the money, the school board was able to reinstate the following items to the school district's budget: a math teacher, middle and high school plays, middle and high school speech, cheerleading, danceline, and student council advisors in the middle and high schools.

Following the success of the Keep the Quality Campaign, the group set two new goals: to help the school district pass a levy referendum and to establish a permanent education foundation.

With the group lobbying for education, district voters approved a school levy in April 2002 that will provide the school district with a half million dollars in additional revenue per year for the next ten years.

The group has now formed as a nonprofit foundation to continue to support public education in Paynesville with the goal of making our schools the best in the state.

Kids walking off bus
If you have any questions about the Keep the Quality Education Foundation or wish to make a donation to support our efforts in the Paynesville Area Schools, please contact us at:

Keep the Quality Education Foundation
P.O. Box 187
Paynesville, MN 56362

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